• Good Grief

    with Nicole Hartley Bradford

    for people who want to create more safe spaces where good grieving can happen

    ...and for people who want, themselves, to grieve.

  • What's so important about Grief?

    Modern Culture does not contain much space for feeling.


    It uses the Old Map of Four Feelings, where feeling and feelings are not okay.


    On the Old Map, if you are feeling Anger, Sadness, Fear and even Joy, it means that you are immature, crazy, irresponsible, and to be avoided.


    This makes grief something to deny, hide, suppress, pretend away.


    Grieving is only tolerated in specific times, for specific people and specific ways. Then...get back to work. Get over it. Stop living int he past.


    Hence, many humans are walking around full of grief.


    This results in depression, isolation, outbursts, family separation, workaholism and substance abuse, disease, fighting, suicide and other harm.


    Using their feelings to handle their lives isn't possible, because of the emotions driving them from inside.

    The Remedy

    Generations of avoiding grief cannot be undone in a day.


    In spaces using the New Map of Four Feelings, grief is welcome, and healing and transformation become possible.


    It takes practice to shift to the New Map; it takes new distinctions, sometimes demonstrations of how it can go.


    Spaces for Good Grief are spaces where Conscious Sadness is held, and the fear, anger and joy that are part of grieving can become unmixed.

  • What Are YOUR Next Steps?

    You know you have grief, except when you don't

    Step One: Honest Self Awareness

    The signs that Grieving is needed are many and varied. Sometimes you just know. Sometimes someone tells you: "you haven't grieved this." Sometimes it is harder to see, you might be evasive, avoiding things, you might be doing some self destructive things, you might be numb.


    If you want to explore this more thoroughly, you can book in any time for a one-on-one session, online or in person (near Calgary, AB, Canada) with Nicole.


    The cost is by sliding scale 80 - 110$Can for up to 90 minutes.

    Click here to find a time.

    Listen in, notice how things land for you

    Step 2: Join a Community of Learners

    You can join in this digital space where people who are already working with Grief are sharing the gold from their own experiments. This Good Grief Telegram Group is open to anyone, at no cost.

    Become part of a Team

    Step 3: Nicole holds space for 4 Week Online Journeys

    From time to time there are 4 week series, and you come back again any time for more. During 2 hour calls, participants learn some simple ways to hold space for each other, and we share the gold of what this makes possible, both as people grieving and as people learning to hold space.


    A meta circle of experienced space holders provides additional support during the series, and are available beyond the series to hold space for more processing of grief and other emotions.


    Register by emailing Nicole: nicolebradford110@gmail.com


    The cost is by sliding scale of 80 - 210$ for each 4 weeks.


    At Any Time: Meet Nicole

    Nicole is a Possibility Coach and Conscious Feelings Practitioner with intimate familiarity with Grief

    Here are recordings of several talks and videos with Nicole about this work:


    a 4 minute video

    a 1h 20min discovery conversation

    a 1h 40min minute Q&A abut Good Grief


    You can book in to have a 30 minute online visit with her to ask questions, or just to meet her. 

    Find a time that works for you here.


  • Good Grief Meta Circle Space Holders

    Here is the team who adds their support to our participants

    Gabriel Millinger

    Meagan McQuaid

    Philip Be'er

    Naomi Warndorff

    Christine Ploschenz

  • Contact Nicole